We’ll be focusing on intersectional feminism, which recognizes that gender never exists in a vacuum. Classism, racism, ableism, homophobia, capitalism, imperialism (and all the other ism’s) intersect with sexism to shape the experiences of most women in the world. Drawing on a wide array of texts and writers--zines to anthropological texts, Frederick Engels to Angela Davis--we'll cover how all those oppressions show up in (white and/or otherwise privileged) feminist activism, as well as looking at positive models for nuanced and inclusive feminist practice.

Whatever gender you are, whenever you can come, you are welcome.
But also, we have zero tolerance for oppressive bullshit.

We're affiliated with Boston Feminists for Liberation and the Greater Boston Free School, which you should check out.

We meet weekly: every other Monday night at the Democracy Center in Harvard Square, Cambridge from 8-9:30p, and every other Sunday night somewhere else.

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...or shoot us an email at thatfeministreadinggroup@gmail.com .

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